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We take this opportunity to present an exclusive rates for the consideration that would not only allow to cash on some following characteristic of Radio channel but also enable cost saving and help in achieving the communication objectives. “Lakki FM 88”is a commercial FM Radio giving entertainment and information, a project of Lakki Broadcasting (SMC-Pvt) Limited owned by Mr.Faisal Saifullah (Saif group).

Lakki FM 88 is the family FM Radio that holds true to the social and cultural values of Pakistan and only radio station in the region of its coverage making it most popular source of infotainment, we have designed programs in a way that people of all ages listen our radio regularly. The entertaining programs have helped us to penetrate into the hearts and souls of our listeners.

Intikab aap ka is a famous program in general public due to its interactive nature , Mashulana is a show for children, we radiocast Khelu Pakistan a sports oriented show famous in youth , Adbi Saturi is a literary program, hujra is a program targeting health , ghazal Rung is a famous program at night time.

We are transmitting all the local news of the region and announces five news bulletins in a day, we have a very lively Facebook page ( of approx. 80k followers and we publish recordings of events covered by our creative team on daily basis. To ensure our transmission run round the clock, electricity supply is a key issue all the FM radios are dealing with, to cope up with this situation we have installed a 20kva solar system along with generator to smoothly broadcast our transmission. The excellent response of the general public has endowed us with confidence to present ourselves as the most popular FM Radio of the locality.

We assure you our Commitment and co-operation in this regard. If you have any query feels free to contact us at any time.

Coverage Area of Lakki FM 88 with Population

Radio Lakki provides infotainment to more than 30% of KPK and parts of Punjab & Baluchistan provinces. This gives immense significance to the transmission of Radio Lakki. The coverage area of Radio Lakki is substantial market for the National & Multinational Companies and other Business Enterprises. The major parts of the coverage area of Radio Lakki have no other sources of entertainment like Cable TV network and Internet. Radio Lakki has got the most important position for marketing and propagation in this region. It is an infotainment channel. Radio Lakki is also producing and broadcasting local news. It gives great value to the transmission of Radio Lakki, as it is a reliable source of information for the people of this region. Radio Lakki is also broadcasting community services based programs for all the sectors of the society. Radio Lakki is producing and broadcasting various programs on entertainment, current affairs, Islamic affairs, social issues, awareness, legal issues, sports, health, agriculture, linguistics and special people issues. All these programs are interactive in nature which assures the participation of the listeners of the Radio Lakki. So Radio Lakki can be titled as the best FM Radio of the region .

“The Voice of KPK”.


Lakki FM 88 covers following districts of KPK province., covering divisions of Bannu, Kohat and D.I Khan.

Lakki Marwat (876182)

Bannu (1167892)

Karak (706299)

Tank (391885)

Orakzai Agency (254356)

kurram Agency (619553)

South Waziristan (679185)

North Waziristan (543254)

Dera Ismail Khan (1627132)

Sherani (153116)

We cover around 10 million populations.

Lakki Radio FM 88

Rate List


Spot Advertisement

15-20 sec 25-30 sec 40-45 sec 55-60 sec
Rs.125 Rs.250 Rs.375 Rs.500



Sponsored Program

Two hour sponsored program @ Rs.5, 000/-

Branded Program

Half Hour branded program @ Rs.15, 000/-

One Hour branded program @ Rs.25, 000/-

Live Coverage

Half Hour live coverage @ Rs.20, 000/-

One Hour live coverage @ Rs.35, 000/-


  1. Production of the ad will be given as complimentary
  2. Price varies with respect to duration period of ad
  3. Duration of Campaign will accord requirement of organization

For Lakki Broadcasting (SMC-Pvt) Limited

Adeel Ahmed

Manager Marketing & Sales

Lakki FM 88


Broadcasting station: Saifabad, Serai Naurang, Lakki Marwat, KPK

Head office: 4th Floor, Randhawa Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad