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About Lakki FM 88

Radio Lakki provides infotainment to more than 30% of KPK and parts of Punjab & Baluchistan provinces. This gives immense significance to the transmission of Radio Lakki. The coverage area of Radio Lakki is substantial market for the National & Multinational Companies and other Business Enterprises. The major parts of the coverage area of Radio Lakki have no other sources of entertainment like Cable TV network and Internet. Radio Lakki has got the most important position for marketing and propagation in this region.

It is an infotainment channel. Radio Lakki is also producing and broadcasting local news. It gives great value to the transmission of Radio Lakki, as it is a reliable source of information for the people of this region. Radio Lakki is also broadcasting community services based programs for all the sectors of the society. Radio Lakki is producing and broadcasting various programs on entertainment, current affairs, Islamic affairs, social issues, awareness, legal issues, sports, health, agriculture, linguistics and special people issues. All these programs are interactive in nature which assures the participation of the listeners of the Radio Lakki. So Radio Lakki can be titled as the best FM Radio of the region and

“The Voice of KPK”.

Meet the Team

ceo faisal lakki fm 88

Faisal Saifullah Khan



Muhammad Rafi

Sales & Marketing Manager